The Wicked Rewards Catering Loyalty Programme


  • Earn points automatically when you order through our website (1 point for every $40 spent). Note no points earned on quotes or orders we place for you.

  • Choose how you convert your points:

  1. Buy more Wicked catering (1 point for $1 of catering)  

  2. Donate your points to Ozharvest (50 points for a $50 Donation)

NOTE: Coles Myer Gift Cards are no longer available due to potential conflict of interest issues.

Register as an online Wicked customer by clicking here (takes < 43 seconds) - then start earning points with your first order

How to use your Wicked Rewards Points to order Wicked Catering

Using your Wicked Rewards Points to order catering is simple. You can use Wicked Rewards Points to pay for catering at any time, just enter the number of points you would like to use on the Delivery Details screen when you place an order.

1 Wicked Rewards Point = $1 of catering

1. Select your catering from our extensive Food Menu

2. Click ‘CHECKOUT’

3. Enter the date and times you would like delivery and click ‘Proceed to Delivery Details’

4. On the Delivery Details screen enter the number of points you wish to use in the box next to ‘Pay With Points’

5. IMPORTANT - click the UPDATE button

In the example below 8 points were used to pay the entire amount ($7.65)


6. Click "Proceed to Checkout"

7. Finalise your order - if you have only part paid with points you will be charged the difference at this stage.

Refer a colleague and boost your Wicked Rewards Points:

If a colleague or friend signs up as a Wicked Food customer and mentions you in the "How Did You Hear About Wicked" field we will credit you with 25 Wicked Reward Points.

What happens to your points when you leave your job

You can either transfer your points to your replacement or a colleague before you leave or if you still need t order catering in your new job we will add the points when you sign up - as long as it is not more than 3 months between orders.

Please note - you have to place your order through the Wicked website to accumulate Wicked Rewards Points, any orders placed via email will not generate Wicked Rewards Points

If an account is inactive for more than 3 months (if no orders have been placed in that time) the Wicked Rewards Points that were accumulated on that account are forfeited.