The Wicked Rewards Catering Loyalty Programme

Finally a corporate caterer who provides amazing food and service and looks after the person who places the order ( i.e. YOU!).

You know how the boss gets all those frequent flyer points....ever thought "What about me?"

Here's your chance to easily earn some loyalty points of your own every time you order corporate catering:

  • Earn points automatically when you order through our website (1 point for every $40 spent)

  • Choose how you convert your points:

  1. Buy more Wicked catering (1 point for $1 of catering)  

  2. Coles Myer $50 gift cards (100 points = $50 Coles Myer Gift Card) - go to the Wicked Rewards Menu

  3. Donate your points to Ozharvest (50 points for a $50 Donation)

Register as an online Wicked customer by clicking here (takes < 43 seconds) - then start earning points with your first order and you will have a $50 Coles Myer Gift Card in no time.

The average Wicked Foods customer is receiving a $50 gift card every 2-3 months - which we feel is a great bonus for the person who makes the choice of caterer...i.e. you!

How Rewarding is it?

In comparison with Qantas Frequent Flyers Rewards Program, to get a $50 Gift Card from Qantas you would need to use 7250 points (fly over 11000km)

You could earn the same $50 Gift Card by ordering catering just 10 times (based on an average $400 order) - and if you keep an eye out for our bonus point email offers you will get to 100 points even faster.

How to Convert Your Points

IMPORTANT: Points are only redeemable when an invoice has been fully paid. In addition if there are any outstanding invoices outside your normal terms you will not be able to redeem your points until they are paid in full.

How to use your Wicked Rewards Points to order Wicked Catering

Using your Wicked Rewards Points to order catering is simple. You can use Wicked Rewards Points to pay for catering at any time, just enter the number of points you would like to use on the Delivery Details screen when you place an order.

1 Wicked Rewards Point = $1 of catering

1. Select your catering from our extensive Food Menu

2. Click ‘Finalise Order’

3. If you’re happy with the order, click ‘Proceed to Delivery Details’

4. On the Delivery Details screen enter the number of points you wish to use in the box next to ‘Cash in Points:’

Reward Points and Coupons

Your Current Points = XX             
Cash in Points:           

5. Click ‘Update’      

6. Finalise your order including selecting a time and date for your delivery.

7. You can place an order using points as well as regular payment, for example if your order comes to $150 you can use 50 points to pay for part of the order and then pay the $100 in the normal way.

How to use your Wicked Rewards Points to order Wicked Gifts and Coles Myer Gift Cards

You can also use Wicked Rewards Points to reward yourself or your team with a $50 Coles Myer Gift Card which can be used to pay for products or services at any Coles Myer store.

Please note - If you’re ordering a Gift Card it is recommended that you place a separate order from your food catering order to avoid later complications with your Accounts Department (it happens!)

1. Select 1 Coles Myer Gift Card from the Wicked Rewards menu 

2. Click ‘Finalise Order’, then click ‘Proceed to Delivery Details’

3. Select a time and date you would like the Coles Myer Card delivered to you

4. In the Reward Points and Coupons section enter 100 points in the ‘Cash in Points’ box and then click ‘Update’ -
Your Current Points = XX
Cash in Points: 

5. If there is a delivery fee for your order, this will have to be paid for before you can place the order – if you have an Account, pay for the delivery fee on Account, if you don’t have an Account you can pay via credit card or use extra Reward Points to pay the delivery fee. You will not be charged for the delivery however - any delivery fees on Wicked Rewards Card orders will be refunded straight away to your credit card or by the end of the month to your Rewards Points Balance..

6. Finalise the order. Once your Wicked Rewards Card order is finalised you will receive a confirmation email to let you know we have received your order.

7. There is a maximum of one Coles Myer Gift Card per customer per week.

If you have any questions regarding Wicked Rewards please contact

Here's how to refer a friend or colleague and boost your Wicked Rewards Points.

1.     When your friend or colleague registers as a new customer on the Wicked website they need to name you in the question 'How did you hear about Wicked?"

2.     When your friend or colleague's total Wicked orders exceed $500 you will receive 25 bonus Wicked Reward Points at the end of the month the total is reached (once only)

3.     When your friend or colleague's total Wicked orders exceed $1000 you will receive another 25 bonus Wicked Rewards Points (once only)

The same deal applies if you leave your company and take Wicked with you to your next company- just let us know when you create a new account for ordering at your new company.

What happens to your points when you leave your job

As the points have been earnt as an employee of a company they technically belong to your employer - you cannot take them with you.

However you are the custodian of the points, so if you would like to transfer them to another employee you must let us know by email from your work email (i.e. before you leave employment).

Unless we receive this notification the points cannot be transferred and will be forfeited immediately.

Please note - you have to place your order through the Wicked website to accumulate Wicked Rewards Points, any orders placed via email will not generate Wicked Rewards Points

If an account is inactive for more than 6 months (if no orders have been placed in that time) the Wicked Rewards Points that were accumulated on that account are withdrawn.

  •  I'm a photographic producer and I've been catering for photo shoots for more than 10 years. I've been content with all my previous suppliers but Wicked has taken it to the next level. It's so great  
    Sarah G. - Production Manager - Pomegranate
  •  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing such a sensational catering job for us this morning, the food was divine. Kathryn  
    Kathryn H - Executive Assistant - First State Super
  •  We really appreciated your team being so flexible with the travel required and the food was delicious and everyone agreed it was a great way to cater for a team day 
    Jo D. - P.A. - PWC
  •  I once submitted an order at 11pm on a weekday evening and your team was still able to deliver at 8am the next morning, which was amazing!  
    Jo D. - P.A. - PWC
  •  I just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU & commend you on a job well done! The food was excellent we couldn't have been more pleased! 
    Sheree S - Corporate & Business - NAB
  •  Hi Tracy, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank-you for all your help with today's catering. You really saved me & helped make my job so much easier.The food looked & tasted delicious. We look forward to working with you in the future.  
    Michelle C - Secretary - BMD
  •  The food was really fresh and there was a lot of food. The team went out of their way to assist and make it easy for me to order on the day,  
    Marisa K. - Manager - DWY
  •  It's a winner...everyone commented on how lovely it was. 
    Mary D - Executive Assistant - Beiersdorf
  •  Wanted to say a big thank you to you and your staff for delivering a fantastic morning and afternoon tea today. Everyone was overwhelmed with how beautiful it looked and tasted. I look forward using your talents in the future! 
    Jen M - Executive Assistant - Smartgroup
  •  Hi Tracy, Everything was wonderful.There was plenty of food and everyone commented on how yummy it was. Please pass on our thanks to your delivery driver. He was on time,friendly and a good ambassador for your company. Kind regards Lyn 
    Lynette L - School Services Officer - Interrelate
  •  Hi Tracy, Both events went well. The guests and the students enjoyed the food. We loved that the waiters and the chef were very helpful and professional and the food was good quality. Thanks for the mug! Kind regards, Cherisse  
    Cherisse Tiu - Event Organiser - S P Jain School of Global Management
  •  Having that huge order all ready and delivered here before 8 am was a mammoth feat and your ability to handle such a large order at such an early hour of the morning is very much appreciated.I have a total faith in Wicked.It was truly commendable.  
    Michelle H - EA to CEO - NATA
  •  Tracy, I was so happy with the little surprise, thank you so much. As normal, the food is always fantastic, and the delivery and service timing is impeccable. You've got a great business, and word of mouth around the office is circulating. So thank 
    Elizabeth C - Sales and Marketing Administration - RX Medical - iNova Pharmaceuticals
  •  I had an urgent last minute order for some sweets for this morning and your website makes it so easy, and it was here early! You saved me!! Thank you! 
    Rebecca R. - Finance Manager - Acumen
  •  Just wanted to say a quick thanks for your assistance in organising the Production Crew breakfasts, they were brilliant! Great customer service, always on time, and the crew couldnt have been happier to see those hot bags turn up in the morning.  
    Claire R. - Product Manager - Human Group
  •  The delivery guy I had is THE nicest guy I have ever met, in 10 yrs, ordering catering. I was 15 mins late due to an accident, when he rang he was so lovely and told me to not stress and he would wait for me. Other companies just dump and run.  
    Corina M. - Manager - Smith & Nephew
  •  "I was very pleased with the organisation and service provided by Wicked Foods. Everything went very smoothly and the food was terrific. We would most definitely use you again. 
    Gemma T. - Manager - The University of Sydney
  •  I recommend you wherever I am able to because you are always prompt and the food is delicious. The staff are always commenting on how fresh the food is which is a big factor for me when catering. 
    Bianca F. - E.A. - Suncorp
  •  Thanks heaps for always creating an awesome and delicious lunch for my team! I can always rely on WICKED FOODS to be super helpful and to deliver on all my special requests  
    Noilyn A. - Medical Team Assistant - Boehringer-Ingelheim
  •  Thank you everyone is very impressed and happy with their cakes and cheese! 
    Katie D. - Reception Superstar - NHMRC