Choosing Your Corporate Caterer

So how do you choose a good corporate caterer in Sydney?


When catering for a corporate event or meeting, no standard corporate catering menu will do. You need something that will truly stand out from the rest. Only somebody who has had the task of organising catering for an office meeting knows how big the impact can be on your company. Choose the right corporate caterer and you may have impressed a key client and won an important deal, or motivated a whole team to work together and be more productive. Exciting, fresh catering delivered to your office on time can achieve these results.


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Here at Wicked Foods, we understand that every brief is different, which is why we offer a broad array of catering packages and catering menus to suit individual taste and dietary requirements.  This plethora of delicious options is part of the reason we’ve continued to hold our status as one of the leading corporate catering companies in Sydney. For a catering solution like no other, choose Wicked Foods.

Making a poor choice of caterer can cost your company substantially. Deals can be lost or employees demotivated by disappointing food or late delivery. The most important criteria to look for in your caterer is a combination of reliability and flair. On-time catering delivery, correct food quantities and attractive food presentation are all critical.  However, we do more than just offer fresh, delicious food.


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Why choose Wicked Foods? What makes Wicked Foods different from the rest? We bring you the very best in corporate catering. We only source the freshest produce because we understand that quality is key when it comes to catering. Our core focus is to ensure our customers are provided with a culinary experience like no other. To do this, we design our catering menus with even the most discerning in mind and ensure that they are regularly updated, which means we can source seasonal produce too.

How To Choose a Corporate Caterer


  • Check reliability by reading catering customer reviews and testimonials

  • Ask how long the caterer has been operating (Wicked Foods has been catering for Sydney companies since 1993)

  • Ask how many dedicated catering delivery vans the caterer has (Wicked has 7 dedicated food transport vehicles)

  • Are they corporate catering specialists (Wicked only caters for corporates)

  • Steer clear of ordering portals – much easier dealing direct with your caterer

  • Check if the website images are actual shots of the catering menu options

  • Get a Complimentary Sample - email to organise yours

There are so many potential corporate events where you can use catering to impress a client or motivate your team. The catered office breakfast has become very popular, whilst working lunches have gone way beyond sandwich platters with ethnic cuisines and great healthy menus and special diet options now available.  Afternoon catering or after work office parties are also popular with a vast array of hot and cold finger food options to excite your colleagues and really make the party memorable. You can also use individual meal box catering to take the team off-site or to cater to individual tastes.

Together with our amazing menu, we have worked hard on building an expert team of corporate caterers who have developed an enviable reputation in their field. We are passionate about creating food that is simply amazing, and have trained our talented team to produce the very best. For an unparalleled level of service you can trust, choose Wicked Foods.  


We also have a team of experienced drivers who know how to deliver Sydney wide - and know our key delivery areas like Sydney CBD, North Ryde and North Sydney inside out. We deliver catering on-time and will contact you if we are even running 1-2 minutes late. We know how important on time catering delivery is.

Our philosophy - innovation, reliability, and food safety. If you would like to get in touch with one of our friendly members or have an inquiries about our menus on offer, simply contact us today. The team will happily adapt to your needs and create a personalised corporate catering service that is truly wicked - why not Get a Quote - we are super responsive and can help with new ideas for your event.