Corporate Afternoon Tea Catering Sydney

Ensure your team is energised all day long with Wicked Food afternoon tea catering service in Sydney. Afternoon tea catering is the perfect option for rewarding your team or even impressing clients. Whether you want to boost workplace productivity with healthy afternoon snacks that will improve brain power, or entertain your clients with extremely delicious food, you have come to the right place. Here at Wicked Foods, we have been providing first class afternoon tea catering to offices and the workplace for the last 20 years.

Planning for a corporate event? Wicked Foods is Sydney's leading corporate catering company. With a reputation for providing quality food, together with streamlined service, there is no other catering company which will have all your afternoon tea catering needs covered. Since our inception in 1993, we have been providing our customers exceptional menus which boast fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Choose from a variety of menu items, depending on your catering needs. From simple, yet tasty finger food options, to complete snack packs, we have a diverse range of menu items that cater for even the most discernible of taste buds. Or get a quick catering quote here

We also offer specialised menus, which means each and every client can enjoy themselves. Our afternoon catering options can be easily tailored to suit a wide range of dietary requirements, allowing the entire team to find an option that suits their needs.

If you would like to enquire about our afternoon tea catering service, please feel free to Email Us or call 9420 5333, where one of friendly team members will happily answer any queries you may have, with the ultimate goal of finding the option that's right for your office.

Experience corporate catering excellence - choose Wicked Foods

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