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If Asian cuisine is one of your favourites, why not treat the office with the best Asian food catering around? From the bustling streets of Asia to the very walls of your office, Wicked Foods brings you Asian food catering simply unlike the rest. With extraordinary menus and excellent customer service, Wicked Foods has garnered a corporate following.

No matter what corporate event you are planning, whether it be a boardroom lunch or a casual client meeting, you simply cannot go wrong with Asian food catering. And with intriguing menus that you will not find anywhere else, why look past Wicked Foods? Catering for the office should not have to be difficult. When you choose Wicked Foods, you are assured a dining experience that is unlike the rest.

From classic spices to the oriental produce - the food at Wicked Foods is striking in terms of presentation and flavour. We have diligently created a range of catering menus that we have made sure will impress. And with an intriguing assortment of options to choose from, like delicate Asian sweets to fresh and tasty salads, the office will be spoilt for choice. Afternoon tea, lunch or Office Parties are sorted with Wicked Foods. Excite the office taste buds with the best Asian catering in Sydney - Wicked Foods Asian food catering.

Our philosophy, here at Wicked Foods, is to provide our clients with delicious food without the hefty price tag. With a culinary edge, and a passion for exceptional customer service, how could you find a better catering choice? Wicked Foods simply redefines Chinese food catering, and the office will be readily satisfied that it does. For an exceptional standard in Asian catering, find a comprehensive package by browsing below. Value and consistency are what we strive to deliver. To find out more about Asian catering in Sydney, or for a free catering quote, contact us today.

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