Drinks & Extras For Your Catering

For corporate drinks catering that provides value for money, choose Wicked Foods. Wicked Foods is a leading Sydney corporate catering company, with a degree of professionalism and expertise second to none. Our philosophy is to ultimately provide our customers with amazing food and drinks, together with impeccable service. Since our inception, we have expanded and continued to boast excellence in drinks catering and will continue to do so. Our passionate for quality food and drink has allowed us to develop an envied reputation in the catering industry.

We can include drinks for your corporate events - why not Request a Quote if you have a large event (>25 people) to organise?

Why choose Wicked Foods for your corporate drinks catering needs? Whether you are looking for coffee and tea catering for your daily meetings, fresh orange juice and milk for breakfast events or soft drinks for relaxed Friday afternoons, Wicked Foods has you covered. Our ability to deliver and readily adapt to our customers has allowed our amazing team to hold status within the industry. The finest, most premium corporate catering Sydney has to offer.

Here at Wicked Foods, we recognise that every event brief differs, which is why we took the time to create a menu that will suit a range of personal tastes or dietary requirements. Why not compliment your drinks catering with delicious options from our corporate catering menus to help stop hungry stomachs from becoming distracted and instead fully focused on the meeting or event at hand. Above all else, our customers remain at the forefront of what we do, and this will always remain the case. Excellent food and drinks and impeccable, streamlined service is just what we do. Browse our delicious menus today or alternatively, for larger events, feel free to contact us for a quick catering quote. To find out more about our corporate drinks catering service, or to get in touch with one of our experienced team members, feel free to email us. For superior customer service, choose Wicked Foods. Gourmet catering at your doorstep.

All prices in AUD and GST ex.

Eco-Friendly Plates, Serviettes, Cutlery & Cups

Disposable plates,serviettes, cutlery and drinking cup options for your catering needs

Now completely Eco-Friendly - made from recycled/plant material and fully compostable

10x Unbleached Serviettes
Single Small Eco Plate & Unbleached Serviette
Single Large Eco Plate & Unbleached Serviette
Knife, Fork & Serviette Eco-Friendly Set
Single Wooden Fork
Single Wooden Knife
Drinking Cup Compostable
Per Unit

2 litre Juice

2 litre Just Delicious Juice

2 litre Orange juice
2 litre Apple juice
2 litre Tropical Drink Punch
2 litre Apple & Blackcurrant juice
Per 2 litre Bottle (serves 6-8)

Photo shows the full range of flavours

Individual Juice 250ml

250ml Juice Farm Juices

Assorted 250mL Juices
250mL Orange Juice
250mL Orange, Apple & Passionfruit Juice
250mL Apple Juice
250mL Apple & Blackcurrant Juice
250mL Tropical Juice
Per 250ml Drink

Emma & Toms Kombucha

Assorted Emma & Toms Kombucha

Flavours include

  • Raspberry
  • Ginger
  • Passionfruit
Emma & Toms Kombucha Assorted 330
Per 330ml Bottle

1.25 litre Soft Drinks

1.25 litre Chilled Soft Drink

1.25 litre Coca Cola
1.25 litre Diet Coke
1.25 litre Coke Zero
1.25 litre Sparkling Mineral Water
1.25 litre Orange Lemon & Lime Mineral Water
1.25 litre SPRITE
1.25 litre LIFT
Per bottle

A Selection of Flavours

Emma And Toms Juices

350ml 100% Juice by Emma & Toms

350ml Emma & Toms Mixed Selection
350ml Emma & Toms Radical Action
350ml Emma & Toms Pineapple Crush
350ml Emma & Toms Carrot Top
350ml Emma & Toms Karmarama
350ml Emma & Toms Extreme C
Per Bottle

1 litre Juice

1 litre Just Delicious Juice

1 litre Orange Juice
1 litre Apple Juice
Per 1 litre Bottle (Serves 4)

390 ml Soft Drinks

 390ml Soft Drink in Assorted Flavours

390 ml Soft Drink Assorted Flavours
390 ml Coca Cola
390 ml Diet Coke
390 ml Coca Cola -No Sugar
390 ml Sprite
390ml Lift
Per Bottle

Staff Hire

Staff Hire Per Hour Minimum 4 hours per staff member

3 days notice required

Kitchenhand for 4 hours
Waiter for 4 hours
Chef for 4 hours
Driver Setup - (Per Hour)
Additional hour for waiter hire
Additional hour for chef hire
Per Hour (Minimum 4 hours per staff member)

Cup,Saucer & Teaspoons available to hire.

Tea & Coffee Options

Tea & Coffee options

6 Cup Coffee Plunger Hire (Ground Coffee incl.)
Basic Package includes Tea Bags, Instant Coffee Sachets, Sugar, Disposable Cup & Stirrer p.p.
Standard Package includes Tea Bag, Premium Coffee Bag, Sugar and Milk p.p
Premium Package includes Tea Bag,Premium Coffee Bag, Sugar,Milk,Disposable Cup & Spoon p.p.
Disposable Cup & Stirrer (min. order 10)
Ground Plunger Coffee 100gm
Selection of Tea Bags, Sugar & Stirrers only
Espresso Premium Coffee Bags
Minimum order is 10 serves for Tea & Coffee Options

Only available with other orders

Fresh Dairy Farmers Milk

Fresh Dairy Farmers milk available in Full Cream, Skim or Soy Milk

Milk Two Litre Skim
Milk Two Litre Full Cream
Vitasoy One Litre Soy Milk
Per bottle

375ml Cans of Soft Drink

375ml Cans of Soft Drink in Assorted Flavours

375ml Cans of Soft Drink Assorted Flavours
375ml Can Coca Cola
375ml Can Diet Coke
375ml Can Coke Zero
375ml Can Sprite
375ml Can Lift
Per Can


600ml Still Water

600ml Still Water
Per bottle

Beloka Water

Unique Australian Alpine sparkling mineral water 

  • 330ml Individual size
  • 500ml bottle to share
330ml Beloka Australian Sparkling Water
500ml Beloka Australian Sparkling Water
Per bottle

Still Water

1 Litre Still Water or 10 Litre Still Water

Still Water 10 Litre
Still Water 1Litre

BBQ Hire

Large Gas Burning BBQ hire $135 per 4 hours includes:

  • Large BBQ
  • Delivery & Pick up of the BBQ in the Sydney area
  • Gas bottle
  • Wicked Green Box with Cooking & Cleaning tools
  • Trestle Table for Chef use & Preparation 


Additional Foil Trays for cooking availbale for purchase in BBQ Extras

Chef hire available in Equipment Menu

Large BBQ

Emma & Toms Quenchers 30% Juice

Emma & Tom's Quenchers are a blend of Australian spring water & 30% fruit juice & contain no added sugar.

Flavours include Rasberry, Lemon and Orange

Assorted Emma & Toms Quenchers 30% Juice 450ml
Per 450ml Bottle

Equipment Hire

Equipment cannot be hired on its own, it must be hired as part of a catering order

*Please note - broken or lost equipment hire items will be charged at 5 times the hiring rate.

Hot Water urn 8 L - approx. 30 cups
Cup Saucer and Tea Spoon
Dinner Plates
Entree Plates
Glass Tumblers
Dessert Spoons
Trestle table (seats 8 people)
Coffee Table 700mm*700ml*735mm
Stainless Steel Water/Milk Jug 1.7litre
Hot Water Urn 10 Litre Approx 50 cups
30L green plastic tub with 1 bag of ice (for cold drinks)
1 bag of ice (for cold drinks)
Water Glass
Wine Glass Red 230ml
Wine Glass White 200ml
Champagne Glass 150ml
Bar Table
Soup Bowl
Soup Urn approx 30 cups incl ladel
Soup Spoon
6 litre Air Pot
White Cloth Napkin
Hot Food Display Cabinet
Tablecloth Rectangle
Per Item