Sandwich Platter Catering Sydney

Amazing range of fresh sandwich platters with Sydney wide delivery. Want to experience the ultimate in corporate sandwich platters? If you are planning catering for your next corporate event, Wicked Foods sandwich catering in Sydney is for you.

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There is no doubt that corporate catering planning can be a difficult task for an E.A. or P.A. If you feel this way, there is a high chance that you are yet to order from Wicked Foods. Whether you are looking for a delicious, yet affordable sandwich catering option for your employees, executives, or clients - you cannot go wrong with Wicked Foods sandwich catering. With a passion for all things delicious, the Wicked Foods team have carefully crafted a fantastic range of menus second to none. Perfect for a simple corporate event, sandwich catering is a delicious option that will ensure the entire office is well fed. Sometimes simplicity is key when it comes to keeping the office happy - so why not opt for Wicked Foods corporate sandwich catering? We promise you a delicious, fresh, and wholesome menu that will not disappoint.

Our range of sandwiches include traditional triangle sandwich platter, healthy wraps, American style bagels, European batards and ciabatta breads. Sandwich fillings change every day based on the freshest seasonal ingredients - but let us know what your favourite fillings are and we will make sure to include them.

Wicked Foods sandwich platter catering is not like the rest though. We offer the best gourmet sandwiches around! From wraps to artisan Italian bread, and delicate French batards, your team is left spoilt for choice. The entire office can enjoy themselves with a variety of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. Unsure of what fillings to pick? Why not choose a mix of everything! We have made sure our menus are filled with abundant sandwich filling options. Simply mix and match from standard, vegetarian or premium fillings and you have yourself a delicious and healthy corporate morning tea, lunch or afternoon snack.

Here at Wicked Foods, we have a passion for wholesome, fresh, and delicious food - so you can expect nothing less when it comes to our menus. We are one of only a handful of HACCP accredited caterers. Take a look for yourself, view our customer testimonials.

Start on your journey to quality sandwich catering for the office by obtaining a quick corporate catering quote today. For more information or for assistance in putting together the perfect catering solution, contact us and our helpful team will be delighted to find the best choices for you and your needs.

All prices in AUD and GST ex.

Photo Shows 1 serve (1 Sandwich + 1/2 wrap)

Sandwich & Wrap Combo

A lunch option that combines our super popular triangle sandwiches (1 per serve) and our gourmet wraps (1/2 wrap per serve)

Sandwich & Wrap Combo (1 Sandwich + 1/2 Wrap)
Sandwich & Wrap Combo Vegetarian (1 Sandwich + 1/2 Wrap)
Per Serve (1 Sandwich & 1/2 Wrap)

Photo Shows One Serve with Standard Fillings

Gourmet Combination Sandwiches

A range of delicious breads with either Standard fillings, Vegetarian fillings or Premium fillings, including - 
  • Half a Traditional Triangle Sandwich  
  • Two Pieces of Healthy Mini Wraps
  • Two Squares of Mini Turkish Sandwiches or
  • (Premium only) Two Squares of Mini Artisan Italian Bread Sandwiches
Standard Combination Sandwiches
Vegetarian Combination Sandwiches
Premium Combination Sandwiches
Per Serve (Wicked recommends 1 serve p.p.)

Assorted Triangle Sandwiches

Assorted Triangle Sandwiches 

Note: We have combined our premium and triangle sandwiches into one menu item

Made on a variety of breads including

  • White
  • Wholemeal
  • Multi Grain
  • Rye

Fillings change daily based on using fresh, seasonal ingredients. If there is a filling you would like more or less of just let us know in the special food requirements section during check out.

Assorted Triangle Sandwiches (1/3 Veg)
Vegetarian Triangle Sandwiches
All Meat Triangle Sandwiches
Per Sandwich (Recommend 1.5 Sandwiches) Per Person

Photo shows a variety of fillings

Wraps with Gourmet Fillings

A large healthy wrap filled with a variety of Meat & Salad or Vegetarian fillings.

Each wrap is cut in half so fillings are easy to see and gives each person more variety.

Wraps now also available in Gluten Free

Meat & Salad Wrap
Gluten Free Meat & Salad Wrap
Gluten Free Vegetarian Wrap
Vegetarian Wrap
Per Wrap (We recommend 1 p.p. or for bigger eaters 1.5 p.p.)

The Photo shows a variety of fillings of Vegetarian Wraps

Vegetarian Only Wraps

Vegetarian Wrap with a range of fillings cut in half

Gluten Free Vegan Wrap
Vegetarian Wrap
Per Wrap (Wicked recommends One wrap p.p.)

Photo shows 1 serve

The Posh Bread Spread

Wicked's Poshest Selection of Sandwiches - Fit for a Queen or King

  • Half a traditional triangle sandwich
  • 1 healthy mini wrap
  • 1 bite size artisan Italian bread sandwich
  • 1 open mini bagel sandwich
  • 1 mini baguette roll

(5 pieces per serve)

Posh Bread Spread Sandwiches
Vegetarian Posh Bread Spread Sandwiches
Per Serve. Wicked recommends one serve per person.

Photo shows 1 serve

The Americano Sandwich Selection

Three pieces per serve of American inspired sandwiches with-

  • Half a large gourmet bagel sandwich
  • Mini baguette sub sandwich
  • Half a rye bread sandwich with U.S. Style Meats, Salads, Sauces and Garnishes
Americano Sandwich Selection
Vegetarian Americano Sandwich Selection
Per Person

Wrap & Roll

Rock 'n roll at work with our new Wrap & Roll sandwich platter, which includes

  • Half a Gourmet Wrap with various fillings
  • Two pieces of Gourmet Batard Rolls with various fillings
Wrap & Roll
Vegetarian Wrap & Roll
Per Serve. Min. order 2 serves Wrap & Roll and 1 serve Vegetarian Wrap & Roll

Photo shows 1 serve

Glorious Batards

Three pieces per serve of Glorious freshly baked French Batards (like a wide baguette) with delicious gourmet fillings -

  • One piece of Rosemary Batard with Roast Beef, Horseradish Cream, Mixed Lettuce & Tomato
  • One piece of White Batard with Chicken & Sweet Chilli Mayo, Avocado, Cucumber and Salad
  • One piece of Pumpkin Batard with Marinated Grilled Pumpkin, Fetta, Spinach and Roast Capsicum
Glorious Batards
Vegetarian only Glorious Batards
Per Person (Minimum Order 5 serves)

Bagel, Baguette & Wrap

Un-sandwich your meeting with a selection of Wicked's favourite other bread types

  • 1/2 a Bagel
  • 1 Mini Baguette
  • 1/2 a Gourmet Wrap

With a variety of fresh and tasty fillings

Bagel, Baguette & Wrap
Vegetarian Bagel, Baguette & Wrap
Per Serve - minimum order 2 serves

Bagels and Baguettes

Delicious Fresh Gourmet Bagels with enough sandwich fillings to satisfy anyone with a bagel craving (1 per serve) and yummy Mini Baguette (1 per serve)

Bagels and Baguettes
Vegetarian Bagels and Baguettes
Per Serve. Wicked recommends one serve per person.

Picture shows 4 Sandwiches

Feed the Man or Woman Meat

A selection of triangle sandwiches for the palate that prefers Meat

Fillings may include:

  • Chicken Herb and Aioli
  • Roast Beef and Mustard
  • Ham Cheese and Tomato
  • Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

And more,

Served on White, Brown and Rye





Meat only Standard Sandwiches (1 p.p.)
Per Sandwich (Minimum Order 4 Sandwiches)

Photo shows 1 serve (3 items)

Combo Snack Size - Light meal only

Premium or Vegetarian Combo Snack Size includes Half a Triangle Sandwich, 1 Piece of Wrap and 1 Piece of Turkish Bread per serve

Premium Combo Snack Size
Vegetarian Combo Snack Size
Per Serve (3 items) Minimum 6 Serves

Photo shows 1.5 Sandwiches (Recommended Serve)

Standard Traditional Triangle Sandwiches

Filled Traditional Triangle Sandwiches with various bread types including

  • White
  • Wholemeal
  • Multigrain
  • Rye bread

Sandwich fillings change daily but are based on using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Standard Sandwiches 1/2 meat 1/2 veg (1p.p.)
Standard Sandwiches 1/2 meat 1/2 veg (1.5p.p.)
Vegetarian Sandwiches all veg (1p.p.)
Vegetarian Sandwiches all veg (1.5p.p.)
Per Serve (Wicked recommends 1.5 Sandwiches p.p.)

Photo shows 1.5 Sandwiches

Premium Traditional Triangle Sandwiches

Love your Traditional Triangle Sandwiches but want a little bit extra? 

Made on the freshest variety of breads including

  • White
  • Wholemeal
  • Multigrain
  • Rye

Fillings change daily and include a range of premium meats/seafood eg. smoked salmon, salads and delicious sauces.



Premium Sandwiches 2/3 Meat, 1/3 Veg (1p.p.)
Premium Sandwiches 2/3 Meat, 1/3 Veg (1.5p.p.)
Per Serve (We recommend ordering 1.5 Sandwiches p.p)

Goodman Fielder Traditional Triangle Sandwiches

Sandwiches made for Goodman Fielder using Lawson's and Helga's bread, prices subject to change.

Filled Traditional Triangle Sandwiches with various bread types including White, Wholemeal and Multigrain bread. Sandwich Fillings change every day, including fillings such as Herbed Chicken & Celery, Turkey & Cranberry, Ham & Swiss, Roast Beef & Mustard and many more!

Helgas & Lawsons Standard Sandwiches (1 p.p.)
Helgas & Lawsons Standard Sandwiches (1.5 p.p.)
Helgas & Lawsons Premium Sandwiches (1 p.p.)
Helgas & Lawsons Premium Sandwiches (1.5 p.p.)
Helgas & Lawsons Vegetarian Sandwiches (1 p.p.)
Helgas & Lawsons Vegetarian Sandwiches (1.5 p.p.)

Dairy Free Wrap

A large Dairy Free Wrap filled with a variety of Meat & Salad or Vegan fillings and cut in half.

Also Gluten Free

Dairy Free Vegan Wrap (GF)
Dairy Free Wrap with Meat & Salad (GF)
Per Wrap (Recommend 1 wrap p.p.)

Banh Mi Vietnamese Rolls

Individual Vietnamese Style Bread Rolls

Choose from

  • Vegetarian Banh Mi
  • Chicken Banh Mi

Recommend 2 rolls per person

Mini Veg Banh Mi Roll
Mini Chicken Banh Mi Roll
Per Roll (Rec 2 per person)

Filled Panini Breads

Panini filled with gourmet meat and salad or vegetarian fillings.

Gluten Free alternative available

Filled Panini Meat & Salad
Filled Panini Vegetarian
Gluten Free Rolls - Meat & Salad
Per Panini/Roll