7 Great Catering Tips for Corporate Christmas Events

Christmas is just around the corner! With all the end of year mayhem going on, there are invariably several corporate Christmas events that need planning- some expected, while others may pop at the last minute. From formal Christmas cocktail receptions to the more laidback annual staff Christmas party, good catering is quintessential to the success of these corporate event. How do you ensure successful catering with minimum effort?

It’s critical to book a catering company and discuss your event schedule as early as possible. If you wait until the last minute, most good caterers will be full and unavailable leaving you without much of a choice.

  1. Once you have scheduled a catering company, let them know your budget for the corporate event and discuss specific requirements and a theme. Are you looking for a mainly vegetarian menu? Is the event a cocktail or a sit down dinner?

  1. If you’re planning on serving cocktails before dinner, you should ideally serve upto 3 -5 light appetiser options per guest. Speak with your caterer about jazzing up regular appetisers to give them a bit of Christmas like a festive Christmas couscous salad served in small bite size portions on appetiser spoons or a hot turkey and cranberry parcel.

  1. For a cocktail reception that is not followed by dinner,  10 -15 pieces per guest will suffice and should include some star options along with regular ‘fillers’ of festive fruit, crackers and cheese platters etc.

  1. Traditionally desserts are not served at a cocktail, but it’s time to change things up a bit!  A platter of mini mince pies, Christmas cupcakes or Christmas cake will be gobbled up and well appreciated by your guests – diets are usually forgotten during the holidays!

  1. Since we Aussies our blessed with a sunny Christmas, why not take the party outside for a fun picnic or BBQ? Your catering company will be able to work out a menu to suit your specific needs for an outdoor event, but make sure to discuss how they’ll ensure the menu will be served at the right temperature and what dishes they advise you to stay away from avoid the risk of dishes getting spoilt.

  1. Similar to catering for any other event, ask guests for dietary or religious requirements and save this information in a clear and easy to read spreadsheet for your caterer. The earlier you get this information to your catering company, the more time they’ll have to formulate a plan for dealing with these unique needs and ensuring an unexpected problem doesn’t arise on the day of the event.

  1. If your company has decided to serve alcohol at the annual Christmas party, minimise excessive drinking by giving guests a few drink tickets each at the start of the party. Once the tickets have been used up, guests will have to buy their drinks for the rest of the night. This usually helps keep a lid on over drinking  and alcohol-related drama cropping up. Keep a list of local taxi numbers handy to ensure everyone has gets home safe at the end of the night.
Posted by Jessica on November 16, 2012 at 02:01PM