Corporate Catering Food Quantity

How Much Corporate Catering Do You Need?

Calculating the correct quantities of food for your office meeting, training session or work party can be tricky. Usually you don't know what your attendees have eaten before they come into the meeting.

Wicked Foods has prepared some handy tips so you can calculate how much catering to order.

1. Size of Group 

Yes it sounds obvious - of course you need to consider the size of the group. But there is a weird twist to this - for larger groups - say over 40 people - you can actually reduce the quantity per person slightly. As a general rule for every 10 people more than 40 you can cut by 1 person - eg. If you need enough for 50 cut it to 49, if you are ordering for 100 make it 95. This allows for a few no-shows or prohibitive special diet attendees. This gets a bit tricky if you are ordering individually packaged meals  where you really need to order one for each possible guest.

2. Time of Day

There are meal times and there are in-between times. We find people eat 1.5 times more catering in the following timeslots 7am-9am and Midday-1.30pm. It's just when the majority of people are expecting a meal. Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea you can be a little less generous especially when you consider Point 3 if you are catering for other meals during the day. Another tricky timeslot is the after work event or Office Party - and the key here is covered in Point 6.

3. Other Meals Catered For

Whilst you won't know what your attendees eat before they come into work you can monitor what you provide during the day. If you are providing lunch and morning/afternoon tea you can slightly reduce the quantities on all 3 meals.

4. Mix Of Food Types

Important tip - the more variety of food you order the more quantity per person you will need. Reason being that most people like to try a bit of everything.

5. Male/Female Mix

It may sound a bit old fashioned but it still holds true - guys will eat approximately 30% more than gals - and make it 50% more when it comes to items like Hot Finger Foods and Sandwiches.

6. Drinks Served

If you are catering for an Office Party and there is alchohol being served then we suggest increasing the food quantity by 25%.

7. Get Feedback

If you cater for the same/similar group regularly it's a great idea to email out after the event and find out what the group thought of the quantity of catering that you ordered.

8. Choose Catering Packages

Your corporate caterer should be able to quickly tell you how much food you require for your corporate event.

The best place to start is:

Posted by Justin Bunt on April 23, 2019 at 04:24PM