Corporate Catering Menu Themes

Good corporate catering is essential for successful office luncheons, conferences, client negotiations or holiday parties. A successful corporate event plays a big role in boosting staff morale, as well as building a client’s image of your company.  If a client finds you incapable of pulling off a well hosted event, they probably won’t expect anything different from a business deal! Here’s a few corporate catering menu themes that are sure to impress your guests!

We love themes! They’re fun, easy and give you the opportunity to really get those creative juices flowing. Corporate catering is really no different to catering a regular event. The most important factors are to work out the amount of guests, event type and the allocated meal time.

Once you’ve figured out the way you’ll be serving food for the event ie. boxed meal,buffets, sit down or cocktails, you'll need to get cracking on the type of food to cater, as well as the decor - here’s where a theme comes in!

Asian Catering Options
Sushi, Sashimi or Spring Rolls are great Asian inspired light snack options. For something a bit heavier, Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad, Teriyaki beef or chicken combined with steam rice and a side of Oriental vegetables are terrific. For a really Asian touch, have either a bowl of Fortune cookies available or speak with your corporate caterer and add one to each boxed meal. For a Thai focused theme use beautiful elephant figurines for table decor with banana leaf placemats or for a more Chinese look try using red paper lanterns in your decor.

Middle Eastern Catering Options
Middle Eastern corporate catering menu options are rich, flavourful food made with an aromatic blend of spices that will get yours taste buds tingling. Moroccan Meatballs, Couscous, Falafels and a Mediterranean Tapas spread that includes options like Sundried Tomato Rolls and Lamb & Rosemary Rolls with a selection of dipping sauces are fantastic. Ask your caterer to provide some stuffed dates to complete the meal in true Middle Eastern fashion.

Make look alike “magic lamps” out of empty wine bottles or old teapots sprayed with gold paint to  help conjure up the mystical charms of an Arabian night. If your budget allows it, try oil lamps, incense and hookahs to decorate your event.

Italian Catering Options
Add some authentic “Mamma Mia” flavour to your catering menu with some fab Italian food choices. Sundried Tomato Rolls,Lasagne, Bruschetta, Antipasto platter featuring some yummy Chargrilled vegetables & peppers stuffed with Feta and of course the staple of any good Italian meal-Pasta! Use a candle on top of an old Chianti bottle coupled with red and white checked tablecloth to mimick a little bistro on the streets of Rome.

BBQ Catering Options
If the weather’s fabulous, why not take your meal outside for a good ol’ Aussie BBQ! Juicy sausages, burgers, chicken or beef skewers and some fabulous caramelised onions are great catering options to consider. Speak with your corporate caterer for advice on the time they will need for preparation and cooking for the amount of guests.

Posted by Jessica on September 28, 2012 at 12:39PM