Corporate Catering Testimonials - Do They Matter?

What do Sydney Corporate Caterers Sell?

One of the many lessons we have learnt at Wicked Foods corporate catering since we began in Sydney back in 1993 is that we don't just sell sandwich platters.

We sell trust.

Generally a company won't order catering for a meeting or an event unless there is an important reason - maybe they are trying to impress a client, thank a team for great results or performing beyond expectations. Sometimes the international CEO is in Sydney, or it's a critical board meeting that needs to be catered for.

The common theme is that it is critical that the catering arrives on time as ordered. The impact on their business of a late or wrong catering order could be extreme. When a corporate customer places a catering order - they need to feel complete confidence, so they can focus on other aspects of organisating their meeting or presentation.

How can a corporate caterer inspire that trust in a company? One way is by proving it time and time again - but if you are a new customer it is more difficult. The sheer longevity of a company is also a good indicator - an unreliable Sydney corporate caterer just won't survive.

By far the best way to demonstrate catering reliability is to let other corporate catering customers tell you how reliable their caterer has been.

That is why testimonials are so important when you are choosing a new corporate caterer. You can see the calibre of the clients and the strengths of the caterer. It is critical to check these in your decision making process.

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Posted by Justin Bunt on January 11, 2016 at 08:25AM