Corporate Lunch Ideas - Choosing the Right Caterer

Organisations host several different corporate events throughout the year that vary in style and mood from client negotiations, brainstorming sessions and seminars to annual conferences and office holiday parties. Getting the right corporate catering service is an essential part of all these events, as poor planning and catering reflects poorly on an organisation’s image and employee morale.

When it comes to selecting an office catering company in Sydney, it’s no different to anywhere else in the country. Selecting a corporate caterer that fits your needs, requires some thought with all the Sydney caterers available now. It’s always best to start early when choosing a caterer to avoid being pressed for time during the selection process, which can result in a hasty decision.

Choosing a caterer for a corporate event is risky business, so it’s good practice to first use the internet and word of mouth to select a group of catering companies that are recommended and within your budget. Then interview caterers from this list and select a catering company that fits your organisation culture and meets your requirements.  Remember to :

  • Ask for a proposal - explain what the overall requirements and yearly budget for catering is and then ask for a catering proposal that takes your specific needs into account. Use the proposal to judge their creativity, food variety and menu development, as well as how well they have adapted to meet your requirements and budget.
  • Meet your catering contact- visit your catering company and ask to speak with the contact you’ll be dealing with on a daily basis. It’s important to ascertain if your contact is competent, client-oriented and organised.
  • Ask for references - visit the caterer’s website and look through testimonials. Also, ask them to provide you with a list of references from recently catered corporate events and make sure to check them out.

After selecting a catering company, choose two other caterers from your list as backups incase an emergency arises and your caterer  is unable to supply an event.

Speak with your primary catering company and provide them with  a rough list of events that your office hosts annually. This will help your caterer build a general picture of what to expect in terms of dates, number of guests and  the general mood/theme of these office events.

Hiring a dependable and organised corporate caterer takes a bit of work. However, once you’ve selected a reliable catering company, the rest of your planning process becomes relatively stress-free and easy to handle. Save yourself the last minute havoc and start your search now!


Posted by Jessica on September 04, 2012 at 08:40PM