Corporate Lunch Ideas for a Busy Planner

When planning a corporate lunch, selecting the right spread to suit everybody’s dietary requirements, while ensuring the selection isn’t random bits ‘n’ bobs thrown together can be a challenging task! However, with a little bit of planning it can provide the perfect opportunity to parade your organisational and creative skills to your boss and top management.

Selecting a Reputable Caterer

The first step in your to-do list should be securing a catering company for your corporate lunch that you can trust to show up on time, provide quality food made with fresh produce and most importantly ensure no errors with your order.

Choosing a corporate caterer can be based on previous experience or if this is your first stint at planning an office luncheon, visit popular catering review sites to find a recommended corporate catering company.

Menu Development

When creating a menu for the corporate luncheon, it’s best to start off by communicating your budget and dietary requirements to your caterer. The corporate catering company will then advise you on food options or packages that meet your needs, thus saving you time spent sifting through menus.

When selecting a menu, the rule of thumb is that easy-to-eat food such as as vietnamese rice paper rolls or cocktail sandwiches are suitable for networking events, while heavier items such as lasagna or moroccan meatballs and couscous packages should be reserved for a sit-down environment.

If desserts are not provided with your lunch package, a platter of mini desserts is an easy option for quick passing around. Even if beverages are included, keep extra water and juice on hand - all the talking is bound to result in parched throats!

Building the Ambience

If the corporate lunch is for a small group and the weather’s lovely, why not take it outside! Moving out of the boardroom and into a local park with a catered picnic lunch or a BBQ  is sure to break the monotony and rejuvenate discussions and brainstorming sessions.

If staying indoors is more suitable, spruce up the room with floral decorations on tables that are subtle and low enough to avoid blocking conversation across a table. Avoid lineups, by serving food at multiple stations for a large gathering and place beverage stations separately to reduce lingering.


Giveaways are not a necessity, but it’s a nice touch to conclude a well hosted corporate lunch with! A monogrammed tin of mints or handmade chocolates are simple and elegant gifts for your corporate guests. If your budget is tight, a  great corporate DIY giveaway would be a small plastic bag of mints or trail mix  with your company name on the label.

A smooth flowing corporate lunch is a valuable tool for giving new clients a glimpse at the level of organisation and attention to detail exercised by your company. Use a reputable catering company and pay attention to the key areas when planning, to provide guests with a well planned, relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Posted by Jessica on September 04, 2012 at 01:16PM