Finger Food Catering for Corporate Events

Serving finger food at corporate events is a great way to let guests snack while juggling a drink in their hands and mingling with other guests.  Sydney catering companies and others caterers across Australia have started actively experimenting and developing sensational new finger food that is not just scrumptious, but easy on the eye and refreshingly different to the usual cocktail favourites.

Cocktail styled events have become popular in the corporate event circuit with companies having to deal with tighter budgets and time constraints. Business events are mainly about networking and a long drawn-out dinner or lunch service where guests will have to remain seated is not ideal. Opting to select a caterer that can provide some hearty appetisers for guests to snack on while mingling is a better option and since smaller ingredient quantities are required, showstoppers like lobster or truffles can be included without costing a ton of money.

With finger food catering becoming quite a trend for 2012, caterers have started to put more thought and detail in their finger food menu range. While finger food should be small, bite sized portions that can be easily eaten without much hand action; they need to be filling enough to ensure guests don’t go home hungry.  In answer to this, caterers have started creating mini versions of popular main course dishes like Thai Chilli Shrimp on a bed of steamed rice served as a single mouthful on an appetiser spoon.

When serving only finger food at a corporate event, make sure to include a variety in your menu. To ensure everything doesn’t taste the same, speak with your catering company and discuss different styles of cooking and flavours that work well together to aid with cohesive menu development. If there are no allergy requirements or religious requirements amongst the majority of your guests, try to include a range of seafood, meat, vegetarian and unusual canapés that can be served either hot or cold.

Although sweets are not usually included in a cocktail style finger food menu, it might be a refreshing and unexpected treat to cater a few mini desserts such as Petit Fours, mini Danishes, Profiteroles and fresh cream Éclairs. A chocolate fountain with fruit kebabs would be fabulous for a quick dip and nibble while guests walk around as well.

If you’re unsure about food quantities for an event, a good rule of thumb to follow is planning to serving approximately 6 bites per person, per hour for roughly a two hour party. Always speak to your caterer to get more detailed advice on food quantities, as underestimating and overestimating food quantities can both be nightmares for a host.

Posted by Jessica on November 07, 2012 at 12:08AM