Healthy Office Catering Sydney Trends

Healthy Office Catering Trends in Sydney

The boardroom tables in Sydney offices are changing. The crusty old guard is being replaced by younger executives, more women (too slowly we say!) and with these changes come new demands on corporate caterers.

The biggest trend we are seeing is the increase in the demand for specific healthy diets.

Gluten Free catering requests have risen more than 400% in the past 5 years. For coeliacs, gluten intolerant or just those trying to shift away from grain based diets the options are growing with this demand.



New diets have spun out from this more recently with Paleo diet catering - which is basically a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit and excluding dairy or cereal products and processed food.


Interestingly as more people have started demanding specific healthy catering at work as  part of new trend diets - there has been an increase in others who probably used to bring their special diet food from home.

Now we have many requests for special pregnancy catering, catering for diabetics, lactose free catering and a rise in an old favourite - vegan catering - now becoming mainstream.

These special diets can challenge caterers - especially when allergies are involved. 

Wicked Foods is always trying to find what new products we need to meet these new demands - and would love to hear your thoughts.

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Posted by Justin Bunt on March 30, 2016 at 10:39AM