Hot Summer Catering Trends

With the temperatures cranked up and the beaches packed, summer’s definitely here and in full swing!Whether you’re celebrating Australia day, a birthday or just the beautiful warm weather, hiring a catering company to cater your summer party is the perfect way to get your tan on and spend some quality time with your guests without having to cook the whole day.  Here’s a few critical areas to consider when compiling a catering menu for your summer fiesta.

Menu for Sizzling Days

While there’s nothing like a good ol’ barbie when the sun’s out, try to include some cool, refreshing menu options to rejuvenate guests and bring down the heat a notch or two.

Serve up typical BBQ favourites like lamb, pork chops, fresh seafood and burgers, but also include cold salads and chilled fruit that are fab heatbusters.

Keep plenty of drinks on hand to keep your guests hydrated. If you’re serving beer or alcopops make sure you’ve set up a designated cooler which is easily accessible. In addition to alcohol, keep some refreshing options like water, lemonade, punch or ice tea cool and ready for guests.

Apart from mineral water bottles, fill large pitchers with ice, water, a sprig of mint and lemon for a quick pick me up that guests will really appreciate.

Eating While Mingling

A light, refreshing , snack-style is usually the best route to take when setting up a catering menu. Speak with your caterer and develop a menu that avoids heavy dishes like pasta, casseroles etc which can be pretty uncomfortable to eat when it’s super hot. Instead, have your caterer set up appetiser versions of popular main dishes for a  lighter menu  that guests can nibble on while mingling.

Food Temperature

Speak with your caterer about how they’ll ensure all the elements of the menu stay at the right temperature when catering an outdoor event. You’ll want burgers, hot dogs and other dishes to stay hot while still keeping salads and fruit chilled, which can be a challenge depending on the weather.

Another important factor to consider when working on a menu with a caterer, is that not all food served indoors translates well to being served outdoors. A menu based on specific outdoor catering themes like a corporate BBQ, picnic or even a tea party will work great, while sushi and other raw food are best avoided. If sushi or any other raw dish is a must, ensure these items are not exposed to direct sunlight and are placed in  a cooler to reduce the chance of spoilage.

Posted by Jessica on January 18, 2013 at 01:31PM