How to Celebrate Easter in your Office

 4 Ways To Celebrate Easter In Your Workplace

While the basis of the current celebration of Easter in Australia is clearly Christian, many people don't realise the original Easter festival was a pagan ritual. Have you ever stopped to wonder where the word Easter actually comes from? It''s believed to come from "Eostre" - the ancient pagan Goddess of Spring, renewal and fertility - this is why the Easter bunny gets a look in and more importantly why we have Easter eggs. The reason why the eggs are chocolate is a bit obscure but probably relates to a middle ages church ruling that no eggs be consumed during Holy Week leading up to Easter - as a result people starting painting the saved eggs to eat on Easter Sunday. In the early 19th century French Chocolateirs began to create chocolate eggs for Easter - and there was no looking back.

When it comes to office celebrations around Easter it's important to be inclusive and choose events that focus on the fun side of Easter rather than religious. There are a few iconic food items that can be used to create a touch of Easter in the weeks leading up to and after Easter weekend.

1. A Touch of Easter

The easiest way is to just include a touch of chocolate with your regular meeting catering. An example of this is Wicked Food's Easter Working Lunch package

The Easter Working Lunch Package includes -

  • Triangle Sandwiches (1.5 p.p.) - Standard or Vegetarian
  • Seasonal Fruit Platter 
  • Individual 250ml Juice

Plus 2 Bonus Mini Easter Eggs


2. Easter Morning Tea for The Team

Keep it simple with some assorted Hot Cross Buns (think plain, chocolate even gluten free hot cross buns should be available) or ramp it up with an Easter Celebration Package -

  • Hot Cross Bun
  • Finger Sandwich
  • Fruit Skewer


3. Office Easter Egg Hunt

Get in early and hide the goodies - and yes you need to sample a few just to do quality control. For maximum fun split the office into teams - you cn go department vs. department or mix it up. Why not make it a fund raiser and the winning team chooses the charity.

4. Share The Easter Spirit

Everyone is familiar with sending and receiving corporate gifts at Christmas time - why not stand out from your competitors and send an edible Easter gift. The Wicked Easter Sweet Selection is a perfect way to impress a client or prospective client - and the good news is they won't forget about you over the Summer break.


Posted by Justin Bunt on March 12, 2019 at 07:58AM