How to Make Choosing a Corporate Caterer Unscary!

How To Change Corporate Caterers Without Fear

There are now hundreds of businesses offering catering to companies across Sydney. From small cafes to private caterers looking for weekday work, home kitchens and specialised corporate caterers.

Confusing things even more is the growth of middle-man sites or portals that take orders for hundreds of smaller food providers.

How can a busy PA, EA or manager evaluate all the options efficiently and then make a choice that doesn't cause on the day stress or even worse disappointment from meeting attendees.

Here are 4 really quick suggestions for evaluating corporate caterers:

  1. Use a Specialised Corporate Caterer - you know in your own job how important focus and priority is. There are some great cafes in Sydney but if they have a line up of desperate caffiene addicts then your catering order is going to be their second priority. If you are looking for a list of great cafes as opposed to great corporate caterers then check out the SMH Good Food Top 20 Cafes List. If you are looking for a new caterer - keep reading!
  2. Check Customer Testimonials - if the catering company is impressing corporate customers in your industry or suburb then you can get substantial reassurance that they will do the same for you.
  3. Get a Complimentary Sample - Why not test the food and service - and don't be afraid to be specific. If a caterer won't give a sample they are probably nervous that you won't be impressed.
  4. Talk to the Caterer - pretty obvious but often forgotten. You should be able to call - 9420 5333 seeing you asked : )  or email your prospective caterer -, website livechat (we love this -as interactive as phone but all recorded so we can refer back and make sure we are meeting your needs) or use an easy Get A Quick Quote form to let the caterer know what you need to impress your team or your clients.

Use this list and you will quickly know you have chosen a corporate caterer that matches your needs and is keen to deliver exactly what you ordered at the time you need it.

This is how we have stayed Sydney's Number 1 Corporate Caterer for over 20 years - quite simply we love helping companies impress their clients and motivate their teams with catering.

If you have already done all the above then it is probably time to register and order.

Looking forward to helping you,

Justin and The Wicked Foods Team

Posted by Justin Bunt on July 04, 2017 at 05:36PM