Melbourne Cup Catering 2019

Organising Your Melbourne Cup Event in Sydney

It’s the race that stops the nation…unless you are a Sydney corporate caterer. Melbourne takes the day off but Sydney office workers kind of get the best of both worlds. They come to work and they have a fully catered Melbourne Cup party in the office on the first Tuesday in November.

It is by far the busiest day of the year at Wicked Foods – we even cater for Tabcorp staff on Melbourne Cup Day. What this means for you as the Melbourne Cup organiser at your office is that getting organised early is critical.

We put together this 7 step timeline for organising your Melbourne Office Party

  1. The Starting Gates – early October Your first decision is go out or cater in the office. Choosing a venue to please everyone can be difficult plus it also means losing an extra 1-2 hours of work getting to the venue. Also means some poor colleagues get stuck manning the fort back at the office – not cool.

Ordering catering to be delivered to the office is just plain easier. A good Sydney caterer will be able to deliver at the time you need the food – keep in mind Melbourne Cup is the busiest day so the earlier you book the more likely you are to secure the “inside gate” or the catering delivery time you need.

Check The Wicked Melbourne Cup Menu

2. Out Of The Barriers – Mid October - Research your corporate caterers (and then choose Wicked Foods of course) – check what menu items they will have available on the day as the busyness means a limited menu is likely. The biggest questions to ask ask are: Do you want all cold platters (easy to maintain quality) or a mix of hot and cold (tastier especially if there is alcohol being consumed). Will you need waiting staff – critical to book staff by Oct 15th at the latest. Purchase horserace themed decorations from your local discount store before the good stuff sells out.

3. Around The Bend – Last week of October – Finalise your numbers and special dietary needs. Inform your caterer. Don’t forget to make sure your Melbourne Cup outfit is sorted especially the ridiculous hat. Check you have enough tables for serving the catering rough guide – you will need one trestle table equivalent for every 15-20 people.

4. Top Of The Straight – Friday before - Check either you have serving utensils/plates etc. or that your Melbourne Cup caterer is supplying them. Organise your drinks – we recommend a quality alcohol supplier like Shorty’s. Remind your staff of the timing for the party and where you need them to be.

5. The Final Furlong – On the Monday –Put together the Melbourne Cup office sweep – easy to download from any media outlet website. Set up your serving tables Ensure there is enough space around the tables for people to access. Put up your fancy horsey decorations.

6. Photo Finish –On the day - Don't forget ice for your drink buckets – your alcohol provider could probably help you here. Set the table area with everything you are providing so when the catering is delivered you can just unwrap and serve.

7.Winners Circle – After the race is run and won and everyone has congratulated you on a super successful event we suggest emailing your colleagues a feedback survey the next day. Find out what worked and what needs changing for next years Melbourne Cup event at your office. If you get feedback on your catering for the Melbourne Cup - share it with your caterer.

Posted by Justin Bunt on August 30, 2019 at 07:52AM