Office Breakfast Catering Tips

How To Impress With Breakfast Catering

The office breakfast meeting has increasingly become a go-to option for Sydney companies with a busy workforce.

The benefits of having your meeting early include:

  • Less chance of disruption from customers or other departments
  • Sets the tone for action for the day 
  • Reduced chance of on the day events making attendees unavailable
  • Gives your staff a chance to beat peak hour traffic

The main disadvantage is that you are asking your team to bite into their personal time - which can be quite a sacrifice for employees with school age children or a long commute.

So it is critical that you reward your employees for making this sacrifice.

The easiest way to reward corporate breakfast meeting attendees is with....

Breakfast Catering....

Your choices when it comes to ordering breakfast catering are fairly simple:

Choice 1 - Hot or Cold Breakfast?

The options for hot breakfast catering have grown from the bacon and egg roll and now include vegan and gluten free breakfast options.

The breakfast toastie is always a hit with early morning meeting attendees or you could reduce the carbs with a brekkie wrap.

Choice 2 - Sweet or Savoury Breakfast?

Sweet breakfast catering menus have also expanded from just muffins - with many healthy options including fruit skewers, low fat yoghurt and gluten free chia puddings now easy to order online.

Your savoury breakfast choices now include savoury danish and muffins in addition to old breakfast favourites like ham and cheese croissants.

The Wicked selection is to order a Breakfast Package and keep everyone happy with an assortment of hot, cold, sweet and savoury breakfast platters.

Check the Breakfast Menu for all the options

Posted by Justin Bunt on April 24, 2017 at 11:37AM