Office Catering For Large Groups

Ideas For Catering For Big Teams at Work

More and more companies are looking to improve workplace culture with informal catered events.

If your compamy isn't doing a regular team lunch or office breakfast it might be time to take a look at  for a new employer of choice.

There are so many great options now in Sydney for catering for a large team of people with diverse dietary needs and tastes.

The easiest way to make this happen is to work directly with a specialised corporate caterer who understands your needs. Even better why not Get a Quick Quote - in business hours we will email you a quote within 1-2 hours.

Wicked Foods has some excellent corporate catering suggestions for a large team - we are talking 20+ employees.

1. Have a Team BBQ  - check the Wicked BBQ Menu. We can deliver the BBQ already cooked (super easy) or make it an event by hiring a BBQ and a Chef.

2. Go Mexican - check the Mexican Menu - a build your own nacho or tortilla bar will bring everyone together

3. Impress with a Wicked Grazing Table - a viusally spectacular food display - or Grazing Platters to keep it simple

4. If budget is tight try a special Team Lunch package - a simple buffet with a changing daily menu of hot options

5. Individual Lunch Boxes are a great way to look after all your teams special dietary needs and ensure there is food for everyone - the Healthy Heart Lunch Box is super popular.

Healthy Heart Lunch Box

6.  Still popular are Canapes and Finger Foods - with a new variety of hot and cold options including mini burgers, antipasto skewers and arancini balls to name just a few options.

7. Why not wake the team up with a morning event - try some Breakfast Catering favourites 

The best corporate caterers will custom design a menu for your team - best place to start is to....

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Posted by Justin Bunt on February 12, 2020 at 10:27AM