Office Party Catering

Organising an office party can be extremely stressful.

However it can be much more pleasurable if you follow these handy tips:

  • Partner with specialists who know what they are doing eg. an experienced corporate caterer - heh that might be us : )
  • Survey your team to see their preferences - ask them what they loved/hated about last years party
  • Choose onsite or offsite early in the planning process
  • Decide time of day - increasing trend is for an end of year lunch rather than an evening event
  • Decide on the need for external staff eg. waiters  - can be helpful in making the event smoother
  • Ensure all your special diet team members are catered for
  • Finalise attendee numbers one week out from event and communicate this to all relevant providers

When it comes to selecting the right food for an office party there are a few different approaches you can take:

The most popular option is definitely Finger Food catering - which enables a good variety and maximum mingling for guests.

Check out the Wicked Foods Finger Food Menu here

Increasing popular is the modern version of the buffet - The Grazing Table - looks fantastic and guests can select exactly the amount and variety of food they need.

Check out the Wicked Foods Grazing Menu here

Another popular and super Aussie option is the Office BBQ Party - can be cooked onsite or we can bring it fully cooked. 

Or go offsite with an office picnic - a simple way to do this is with a mix of Individual Lunch Boxes

So many options - we can choose the one that's right for you...why not

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Posted by Justin Bunt on November 08, 2019 at 10:13AM