Office Party Catering Guide

How To Organise A Successful Office Party  - No Stress

So you are the lucky person chosen to organise the office party this pressure but you do realise that every person in your company is counting on you to create a corporate event that's memorable..for all the right reasons.

5 Tips for a Successful Party At Your Office

1. Consult first with your managers and your teams to establish the critical points of

- Budget, Maximum Numbers, Date (make sure the boss is available!), Partners?, Alcohol?, Venue - at the office or offsite?

We have noticed a trend towards having the party food at the office without alcohol - and then letting those that wish to go out and party harder do so. It's a nice way of not causing offence or letting things get out of control while the company is on charge of the party. Also means you can have a smaller, more intimate department based party.

2. Use the Experts - don't try and do it all yourself. It might look more expensive to book an event caterer, or a lighting specialist - but in the end it will save you time and make for a much better office party.

Check out our Corporate Event Page for more information about what you need to make the work party a success

3. Establish special needs - eg food allergies for your party catering, access issues by sending out a survey with your invitation. It's easy to download the results and send to your suppliers. We have a fantastic and growing Gluten Free and Vegan menu with many party suitable menu items.

4. As soon as you have a venue, a date and an office party budget - book everything else eg. equipment, entertainment, staff and party catering. Better Office party caterers will let you adjust your number of attendees even 2-3 days before the event. Wicked Foods can help with Equipment and Staffing for your office event.

5. Reconfirm numbers, date, time and address with all suppliers 3 days before the event.

If you want some ideas or food inspiration check our Office Party Menu

Or if you have your budget and approximate numbers why not Get a Quick Quote - or even talk to us on Live Chat - just click the pop up.

Most important - relax and enjoy - it's your office party too!    

Posted by Justin Bunt on November 12, 2018 at 04:05PM