Summer Corporate Catering Menu Ideas

Since the  rain clouds have been dominating the usual summer weather, we thought we’d bring back the sunshine  with a couple of fabulous corporate catering menu suggestions that are bright, exotic and full of the fresh, seasonal flavours of summer.

Corporate catering doesn’t have to boring! Instead of serving the same standard catering options liven up the refreshments for office events with a spread that will definitely impress management, clients and workmates.

Seafood Fiesta

A summer catering menu is just not complete without some beautiful, fresh seafood! While seafood is fabulous when chucked on the barbie, it’s also mouthwatering when served up as shrimp balls with a sweet and sour sauce, fish satays or for something a bit different add a bit of international flavour to your seafood by having your caterer serve up Thai fish cakes with a fresh coriander sauce or some lovely curry shrimp puffs. For an upscale corporate event, speak with your catering company about including  fresh oysters and shrimp on ice in your catering menu. If you’re on a tight budget, consider using pricey items like lobster in appetisers to keep the cost at a minimum.

While seafood is a perfect addition to a summer catering menu, it’s critical that you check if any of the guests attending  are allergic and pass on this information to your caterer as early as possible.

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

When it’s absolutely scorching outside, nothing tastes better than a cool, crunchy salad! Ask your catering company to use fresh, summer produce that will rejuvenate guests in the summer heat. Let your caterer get creative with unique salad combinations such as fresh fruits like mango, watermelon or strawberries with other summer produce along the lines of spinach, mint, shrimp,almonds, feta, avocados etc to create colourful and sensational salad that your corporate guests will love.

For appetisers or as a meeting snack, your caterer will be able to serve a salad in mini chilled cucumber cups or smaller portions served in individual containers. Vegetable kebabs drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette or passionfruit and mango mini tartlets also make great additions to a summer canape catering spread.

Sizzling Entrees

Barbecuing is just synonymous with summer, so discuss including  a grilled entree for instant summer style in your catering menu. Rather than serving something heavy like steak or pulled pork, stick to the lighter side with chicken or fish. Have your catering company experiment with some exotic and fruity flavours for an unorthodox marinade like a mango and pineapple salsa over a lightly grilled tuna steak or gently spiced chili, lime and coriander rub for grilled chicken thighs.   

Posted by Jessica on January 31, 2013 at 08:10PM