Sydney Catering Trends

Catering Sydney - Is there a definable style?

Over the decades we've seen a definite style about restaurants in Sydney vs say Melbourne. Sydney focused on bright, breezy venues with menus and wine to match, whilst Melbourne was more likely to have Euro-style wood panelled small cafes and bars. Lately that trend may have reveresed with Sydney opening as many "Melbourne" style eateries as Melbourne.

In catering the trends are less obvious - Melbourne has had some serious long term top end caterers but Sydney caterers have tended to come and go more quickly. The corporate catering scene is somewhat more stable - where a reliable caterer is rewarded with repeat orders and can form a long term partnership with corporate clients.

Top Sydney Catering Trends - Corporate Catering

  • Breakfast Catering Meetings on the rise in Sydney
  • After Work Catering declining
  • Individual Caterered Meals more popular
  • Special Dietary Needs Catering - especially Gluten Free catering increasing
  • Buffet Catering less popular
  • Healthy Salad Catering replacing some Sandwich Platter Catering


The food offer from caterers is fairly similar in most Australian capital cities, with a focus on functional platters and easy finger foods. The days of the heavy buffet have vanished from most office lunches.

Sydney caterers have seen the rise of office breakfast meetings -- with a range of new products now available to meet this early morning catering demand. Conversely the after work drink catering market in Sydney seems to have fallen away a little in the more family friendly work place.

Sydney Catering Breakfast

Fresh catering flavours in Sydney are now focused on single meals - especially salads - and catering for special dietary restrictions eg. gluten free and diabetic. This special diet catering can challenge some smaller or less responsive caterers.

What other trends are you seeing in Sydney Catering?

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Posted by Justin Bunt on January 14, 2016 at 04:07PM