Top 5 Sydney Catering Trends in 2012

We take our food seriously in Sydney! Be it a quick takeaway from a food truck or a classy meal at one of Sydney’s hatted restaurants, it all comes down to innovative and edgy food trends that bring together a variety of culinary styles to produce magical and explosive flavours!  A melting pot of different cultures, the Sydney catering scene was at the forefront of some fabulous catering developments in 2012 .With the year drawing to a close, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the hottest catering trends of the year.

1. Farm to Table
Seasonal and local produce has been the order of the year, with clients looking to catering companies to be more transparent about the journey of their food to gain insight on the freshness, safety and quality of dishes. Keeping with this, a lot of caterers have opted to introduce more regional dishes to their lineup and opt to support local producers by incorporating authentic ingredients local to the region.

2. Global Menus
Catering menus changed to include more global influence and international flavours such as Middle Eastern, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian. Caterers opted to give traditional Aussie favourites a new and unique flavour by including subtle variations like switching up a traditional Australian BBQ with a French touch.

3. Healthy Food Options
With a lot of Sydneysiders adopting a more health conscious lifestyle, catering trends have changed in 2012 to become more balanced with diet-friendly and “better for you” menu options like organic salads, lean meat and whole grain bread or pasta options making an appearance alongside the usual indulgent catering menu options.

4. Unique Food Service
Catering  companies started incorporating very creative food service techniques that included a Master Chef class format as seen on the  popular TV show MasterChef for a social and fun touch.  Other creative food displays include chemical lab display style when serving Heston Blumenthal’s style of molecular gastronomy (avante- garde cuisine) where liquid nitrogen plays a major role. Architectural food displays, beautiful centrepieces that can be eaten and themed food stations were also popular in 2012.

5. The Popular "Mini"
With a sharp increase of cocktail style events in 2012 , caterers started  transforming popular main meal options such as Thai green chicken curry and shepherds pie into mini, bite size versions that can be nibbled on while mingling. Finger foods moved away from the usual favourites of pigs in a blanket or sausage and cheese on a stick to include  prettier, scrumptious options like mini fruit tarts, gourmet pies and colourfully presented dishes like fresh mozzarella cheese balls, grape tomato halves and basil on short wooden skewers served in stemless wine glasses.

Posted by Jessica on October 26, 2012 at 03:20PM