Using Catering To Motivate Your Sydney Office

How Corporate Catering Can Boost Your Office Morale

I'm writing this post on a the second Monday in January - the unofficial "Sydney is Back To Work" Day. This is the time when each office sets the scene for the rest of the year. Staff morale is critical.

We all know how the motivation levels of a corporate team has such a massive effect on the performance of an organisation. Many Sydney companies are spending an enormous amount of time and money on developing creative ways to make their employees feel valued and appreciated only to find that they are missing the mark with some or all the office.

As the saying made famous by Abraham Lincoln goes:

"It's hard to please all the people all the time"

One super simple option that human resources departments and managers should be considering is corporate catering. Providing a catered lunch or an office breakfast for your team is easy to organise. If you choose a caterer with a big menu that looks after all special diets then you should be able to prove Abraham Lincoln wrong.

For just $10-$20 per team member you can create Sydney's happiest, focused workplace just by ordering corporate catering for your team.

Catering will make your office happy because:

  • Company sponsored food increases employee satisfaction by 20% according to a study of 1000 full-time office workers by Peabody. This is even more pronounced with millenial employees.
  • Providing catering brings the team together to network and share ideas and experiences - in a meeting or just informally
  • You can even influence the health and productivy of your workers by providing healthier catering choices
  • If you need to get the team in early or they have to stay back late it is amazing how a few breakfast platters or some afterwork nibbles will keep everyone smiling

If your company is not providing catering to the team and your competitors are (believe me they are by the way) then there is a good chance better employees might be heading out the office door to a place where they feel more appreciated.

Posted by Justin Bunt on January 13, 2020 at 04:02PM