What Catering is Best for The Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup Catering Ideas

The race that stops a nation...unless you are a corporate caterer - it's our busiest day of the year.

Wicked Foods have catered for more than 20 Melbourne Cups - the year we started was 1993 when the first overseas horse Vintage Crop was first across the line. Check out all the Melbourne Cup Winners.

The Melbourne Cup is all about winning and losing - and we want to make sure the catering you choose makes you a winner amongst your team mates at the office.

There are a few important questions you need to answer before you pick your race day platters from a Melbourne Cup Menu.

  1. Offsite or onsite? Going to a restaurant or pub might maximise the atmosphere but it can also be a logistical nightmare. With the alcohol flowing it just takes one disruptive group from outside your company to ruin eveything for your party. Also some team members will choose to stay at work or miss the event. We say stay in control - grab a big screen and show it in the office. This way everyone is included.
  2. Alcohol of dry? Unthinkable to have a Melbourne Cup event without bubbles a few years ago - but with OH&S and healthy workplace diversification it is worth considering if you really need to provide alcohol. The partying types can always kick on at the Local...
  3. Hot or Cold? As mentioned above it is the busiest day of the year for caterers - so getting hot platters of food delivered just before the race may be a tricky proposition. You can play it safe and order cold platters to be delivered a little earlier - we have some ideas below.
  4. Staff or No Staff? If you want waiting/bar staff or even a chef (check out the Melbourne Cup BBQ package below) you need to book early. Event staff are usually fully booked by early October.

Our Top Melbourne Cup Platter Picks

You can just go straight to the Wicked Foods Melbourne Cup Menu - or take a moment to see what platters other companies pick for their Melbourne Cup party catering.

We suggest some classic share platters - these have something for everyone.

Try the Meat & Salad Selection with the Cheese & Crackers and finish off with the Classic Cake and Slice.


If you are thinking of hot options our most popular pick for Cup Catering is easily our Wicked Melbourne Cup Chicken and Salad Platter.

Another option for hot food is BBQ Catering - your caterer (i.e. Wicked Foods) should be able to provide a BBQ for hire and a Chef.

This way you can be sure the food will be hot and ready just before the race.

Melbourne Cup Canapes are always popular - we suggest you stick with the choices you know everyone loves - don't get too funky.

How about Cocktail Shepherds Pies, Vegetarian Spring Rolls...maybe some Sushi on the cold side 

Cocktail Spring Rolls for Melbourne Cup  Vegetarian Spring Rolls Melbourne Cup Catering  Sushi Melbourne Cup Catering

With the race start time at 3pm it is good idea to have some sweet catering available for your office Melbourne Cup party.

How about some handmade Tarts of Temptation or go back in time with a Retro Cake Platter?

Melbourne Cup Tarts of Temptation  Cakes for Melbourne Cup

Our final tip - is book early as the best catering delivery slots on Melbourne Cup Day do fill quickly.

Here's the Wicked Foods Melbourne Cup Menu

If you are looking for other Corporate Event Catering ideas click here

If you have any questions please email orders@wickedfoods.com - we would love to help you choose a Melbourne Cup Menu that guarantees you will be a winner!

Posted by Justin Bunt on September 08, 2017 at 03:23PM