What to look for in a corporate caterer

What To Look For in a Corporate Caterer

Choosing a new corporate caterer can be a stressful task. If you have ever been let down by a caterer then you willl be fully aware of the possible implications.

Potentially a disappointing office catering experience can effect the result of an important client meeting, or leave your team feeling annoyed - or even worse get you into trouble with your manager.

To make choosing a caterer a less stressful experience we have put together the checklist below - if a caterer doesn't tick these boxes we advise you to keep searching.

Corporate Catering in Sydney - An Easy Guide 

  1. Specialised Corporate Caterer - definitely a critical factor - you really a dedicated office caterer - not a cafe that does a sandwich platter or two on the side, or a wedding caterer who wants a few extra dollars. Corporate catering needs are unique - in terms of delivery, portion size and presentation - and of course price.
  2. Experienced Office Caterer - closely tied to point 1 - an experienced corporate caterer knows what companies are looking for and they wouldn't have prospered in Sydney if they weren't high quality caterers.
  3. Menus for all corporate situations - experieced caterers know that companies have needs as diverse as breakfast catering, office party catering, working lunches or even office BBQs. 
  4. Menu variety - a cafe or private party caterer is unlikely to understand the breadth of menu required to satisfy the needs of a corporate customer. Look for a large and freuently updated corporate catering menu.
  5. Testimonials - check Google Reviews (look for 20+ reviews and a rating of 4.5 or greater) and also the names of the companies that have given reviews on the caterers website. If there are companies from your industry who are customers of the caterer
  6. Delivery area - look for a Sydney wide catering delivery area just in case you need your catering delivered to a client or an offsite venue. This is especially important for companies in the medical industry who need delivery drivers who can understaand hospital deliveries.
  7. Online ordering capabilities - make sure the prospective caterer is able to take your order online - it is the most relaible way to ensure your order arrives to your specifications.
  8. If you need something diffferent - check that the caterer has a quote system that ensures you get a quote within one business day.

So ask your colleagues, check those online reviews and even ask for a catering sample.

If you have any more questions you would like Wicked Foods to answer please email us anytime orders@wickedfoods.com .


Posted by Justin Bunt on December 28, 2017 at 12:49PM