Working Lunch Menu Ideas

Corporate Catering - 7 Lunch Alternatives

Every E.A. and P.A. in Sydney has hit the sandwich platter wall at some point. It’s the third meeting this week needing corporate catering and the boss is begging for something exciting and different. At the same time you need to consider the needs of the whole group – so just ordering a single cuisine based menu eg. An Indian buffet just isn’t going to cut it.

Wicked Foods has put together a list of 7 different catering menu options to keep your team motivated through those multiple day meetings.

Option 1: Salad Boxes

Super healthy, lots of variety and all special diets covered – what’s not too like about the individual salad box option. We suggest adding chicken to 50%, beef to 25% and keeping 25% of your salad boxes vegetarian. Alternatively order share platters and the team can help themselves. Take a look at the Wicked Salads Menu.

Option 2: Individual Lunch Boxes

These are definitely the biggest hit of the last 1-2 years for Sydney companies looking for new corporate catering ideas. Choose a variety of cuisine based eg. Mediterranean, Vietnamese or go for the Healthy Heart Lunch Box to show your team you are thinking of their health. Another big benefit of individual meals is that portion control is all sorted – no need to worry about a few big eaters grabbing all the sandwiches. Check out the range of Individual Lunch Boxes here.

Lunch Box Catering

Option 3: BBQ Catering

Have your BBQ catering delivered already cooked for minimal hassle or we can arrange a chef and a BBQ at your office. Great for large team event – really can help mark a corporate celebration. Take a look at the Corporate BBQ Catering Menu here.

Option 4: Hot Pot Lunches

Perfect for chilly Winter days but also used to keep the team sustained for a long shift. We now have more than 10 varieties of Hot Pots to keep everyone happy – see the range on the Hot Food Menu.

Hot Lunch Catering

Option 5: Asian Catering Selection 

Mix it up with Sushi from Japan, Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, Indian Samosas and even stretch out to a Poke Bowl – it’s all on the very “unsandwichy” Asian Menu.

Option 6: Chicken & Salad 

You love it on the weekends so why not order Chicken and Salad platters for your office catering? Our most popular is the Flavours of Portugal – with marinated chicken, 3 salads, rolls and a Portuguese Custard Tart. Check out the Chicken & Salad Platters on the Packages Menu.

Portuguese Chicken catering

Option 7: Antipasto/Sliced Meat Platters

Graze through your working lunch with these beautifully presented selections from the Wicked deli. Take a look at the new and growing Grazing Platter menu .

Most importantly – find out what your team liked – why not send them a survey. Then tell your caterer – we love to get feedback and new ideas from our Sydney corporate catering customers.

Just email with your suggestion and the Wicked kitchen will get chopping!

Posted by Justin Bunt on June 11, 2019 at 05:14PM