How To Order Online

How To Order Catering Online

How To Change Your Order

You can change your order online by logging in and clicking on your Username (Top Right) - this will display a dropdown menu. Select "Change Order"  and choose the order you want to change on the Order Countdown page and click the "Change Order" button..

If you just need to change the amounts of any products you have already ordered adjust the number in the box and then click the "Proceed to Delivery" button at the top of the page.

If you want to remove an item completely just use the X icon next to each item. NOTE you cannot remove all the items as this will be a cancellation. To cancel an order please email

To include new items go back to the Menus (button top left) or use the drop down menus. NOTE once you have chosen your new items you will need to return your shopping cart. 

To change the date or delivery time after clicking the Change Order button go straight to the Delivery Details page and adjust times there. NOTE you won't be able to change dates or times on the scheduled day of delivery.

Any issues email