Vegan Office Catering

The plant-based lifestyle is one that is growing, so why not ensure everyone in the office is catered for? The myth of the limited vegan diet can be put well and truly behind us - when you delve into the Wicked Foods vegan corporate catering menu, you will soon find out that the entire office will be spoilt for choice. Looking for a catering company that offers vegan catering? Wicked Foods has the cleanest and inviting vegan catering options in Sydney. That is right, breakfast, lunch and everything in between is finally sorted with the help of Wicked Foods. With so many tasty options to choose from, you will wish you discovered our menus sooner!

With a diverse selection of vegan menu options, the only problem you will have is rounding your choices down to just one. Find a delicate, healthy selection of raw cakes and slices, salads, rice paper rolls, breakfast options such as chia puddings or mushroom and spinach breakfast rolls, and packed lunch bundles. Our plant-based menu is amongst the highly regarded - and it is easy to understand why. Find the freshest, vibrant and clean catering options around!

Here at Wicked Foods, we pride ourselves on tailoring our menus to a variety of dietary requirements and this includes vegan. We source our ingredients from suppliers who value locally grown, fresh produce to ensure each and every item on the menu excels in terms of taste!

Fortunately, at Wicked Foods, you can cater for just about everyone - browse our vegan catering options today. Your corporate event will be a true success! Call 9420 5333 today or obtain a free quote- we promise you will not be left unsatisfied.

All prices in AUD and GST ex.

Pumpkin, Quinoa, Kale & Tahini Hot Pot (Vegan & GF)

A super healthy warming meal that is Vegan and Gluten Free - roasted pumpkin tossed with wholesome quinoa, roast capsicum, lentils and kale. Vegan friendly and finished with a tangy tahini, maple sauce. Served in individual 350 ml Hot Pots.

Vegan Pumpkin Kale Tahini Hot Pot (GF)
Hot Pot 350ml

Vegan Early Executive Box (GF)

The Vegan Early Executive Box is also Gluten Free and includes
  • Small Fruit Skewer 
  • Berry Chia Pudding
  • Vegan Carrot Roll - cocktail size
  • Vegan Brownie
Vegan Early Executive Box
Per Box

Photo shows Garden Salad


Each salad serves around 5 people and comes with dressing on the side.

  • Complimentary large disposable plates and cutlery (5 per platter)
  • Salad serving utensil only included if ordered
Garden Salad (GF) (DF)
Roast Vegetable Salad (GF) (DF)
Moroccan Couscous (DF)
Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad (GF) (DF)
Quinoa,Coconut & Herb Salad (GF) (DF)** 36 Hours notice required when ordering this salad**
Per Platter


Our Vegan Hot Lunch Bundle includes per person

  • Individual serve Felafel Balls & Couscous
  • Small Garden Salad Box
  • Bread Roll & Canola Spread
  • Large disposable plate,serviette & cutlery
Vegan Felafel & Couscous, Small Garden Salad, Roll & Canola Spread (DF)
Per Person

Chia Pudding (GF)

New to Wicked is Chia Seed Pudding with Berries, it ticks lots of boxes. Is Filling & Nutritious and is an excellent option for those with Special Dietary Requirements as it is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan.

Individual 80gr tub comes with spoon.

Chia Pudding With Mixed Berries (GF & Vegan)
Per Person (Minimum Order 5 serves)

Vegan Wraps (GF)

Wrap with Vegan Fillings cut in half.

The Wrap used is also Gluten Free.

Vegan Wrap (GF)
Per Wrap (Recommend 1 Wrap p.p.)

Photo shows 1 serve (2 Rolls cut in half)

Vegan Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (GF)

Vegan Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with Dipping Sauce 2 rolls per serve (GF)

Gluten Free Vegan Rice Paper Rolls (GF) (DF)
Per Serve (2 rolls) Minimum 2 Serves

Photo Shows Vegan Nepalese Lentil Soup


The Hot Vegan Soup comes with
  • Individual 350ml tub of Hot Vegan Soup
  • Bread Roll
  • Canola Spread
  • Soup Spoon

Please note 24 hours notice required and minimum order 4 soups

Hot Vegan Soup With Bread Roll and Canola Spread (DF)
Individual Hot Pot


Hot Felafel Balls and Couscous with a rich & spicy tomato based sauce served in an individual 350 ml tub
  • includes complimentary fork 
Vegan Felafel & Couscous Hot Pot (DF)
Hot Pot 350 ml


Vegan Lunch Bundle includes

  • Large Garden Salad Box with Felafel
  • Vegan Rice Paper Roll
  • Chilled 600 ml Water
  • Each bundle includes complimentary fork & serviette

Each Vegan Lunch Bundle comes in a Wicked Green Lunchbag

Large Falafel Salad Gluten Free Vegan Rice Paper Roll and Water (DF) (GF)
Per Person


Fresh & Hot Breakfast Roll filled with Spinach & Mushrooms- served cut in half. A great way to start the Day.

This Menu item is Dairy Free and Vegan

Vegan Breakfast Roll - Mushroom & Spinach
Per Roll

Photo shows Large Garden Salad Box with Felafel


Individually Boxed Vegan Salads (Gluten Free)

Choose from either Garden Salad with Rice Noodles or Garden Salad with Felafel.Vegan Salad Dressing is included in a separate container.

  • includes complimentary enviro friendly plastic fork per box
Large Garden Salad Box - Felafel (GF) (DF)
Small Garden Salad Box-Felafel (GF) (DF)
Large Garden Salad Box - Rice Noodle (GF) (DF)
Small Garden Salad Box- Rice Noodle(GF) (DF)
Per Box

Flavours include Caramel, Cacao Nut,Orange Cinnamon & Lemon Chia

Raw Cake & Slice (GF) (DF) (VG)

Perfect for Morning or Afternoon Tea also a great way to finish Lunch.

An assortment of bite size slices which suit a variety of Special Diets as they're all Gluten Free,Dairy Free,Vegan, Paleo Friendly and also no added Sugar- so good no one will ever know......

Extra Small Raw Cake & Slice (serves 5-6) (GF) (DF)
Per Box

Minimum Order 6 skewers

Vegan Cocktail Skewer (GF)

Vegan Cocktail Skewer (GF)

Pumpkin Balls, Olives and Capsicum with Tahini Dipping Sauce

Plenty of flavour for everyone

Minimum order 6 skewers

Vegan Cocktail Skewer (GF)
Per Skewer

Gluten Free Vegan Hot Finger Food Selection

The New Gluten Free Vegan Hot Finger Food Selection includes

  • Vegan Mini Pizza (GF Base)
  • Garlic Mushroom Skewer
  • Pumpkin Olive Skewer
  • Roast Carrot Roll (GF Pastry)
  • Tahini Dipping Sauce

So tasty we even recommend it for non-Vegans and non-Coeliacs

WW Gluten Free Vegan Hot Finger Food Selection
Per Serve

Gluten Free Vegan Brownie

Wicked's own house baked Gluten Free and Vegan Brownie

Super tasty and ticks many of the special diet boxes

Gluten Free Vegan Brownie
Per Brownie (serves 1 person)

Photo shows 2 Rolls - Min order 4

Cocktail Carrot Roll (GF) (Vegan)

A tasty fingerfood that ticks the special diet boxes

Cocktail Carrot Roll (GF) (Vegan)

Cocktail Carrot Roll (GF) (Vegan)
Per Cocktail Roll - Minimum 4


Hot Felafel Balls and Couscous with a rich & spicy tomato based sauce served in an individual 350 ml tub
  • includes complimentary fork 
Vegan Felafel & Couscous Hot Pot (DF)
Hot Pot 350 ml


Gluten Free Pizzette

Everyone loves mini pizza - also known as pizzette

Handmade Gluten free base, vegan toppings include

  • Pesto, Tomato & Mushroom
  • Tahini , Pumpkin & Zuchinni

Minimum Order 10 of each flavour

Gluten Free Vegan Pizzette- Tahini
Gluten Free Vegan Pizzette- Vegan Pesto
Per item - min. order 10 pieces

Quinoa Coconut & Herb Salad Box

The super popular Quinoa, Coconut Herb Salad (GF) (DF) is now available in side tub or small or large eco-friendly noodle boxes.

Comes with serviette and wooden fork.

Quinoa, Coconut Herb Salad (GF) (DF) Side Tub (250ml)
Quinoa, Coconut Herb Salad (GF) (DF) Small Noodle Box (
Quinoa, Coconut Herb Salad (GF) (DF) Large Noodle Box
Per Noodle Box

Lunch In Byron Bay Package (Vegan)

Lunch In Byron Bay Package (Vegan) includes

  • Pumpkin Freekah & Tahini Hot Pot
  • 1/2 a Vegan Wrap
  • House Baked Vegan Brownie
  • Wooden Fork & Serviette
Lunch In Byron Bay Package
Per Person